Body Parts - Fire Dream

Body Parts - Fire Dream

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Body Parts mobilizes a singularly elegant experimental pop idiom to explore the contours of modern devotion and doctrines of self-improvement alongside the immoderate reverberations of remembrance. Weaving together influences as varied as the rationalist prescriptions of the self-made seeker-healer- Scientology mastermind L. Ron Hubbard, the sensual guitar-scapes of Prince, and the haunting vocals and surrealist melodrama of Kate Bush, Ryder Bach and Alina Cutrono form the group’s core.

  1. Desperation
  2. Past is Coming
  3. Be A God
  4. Interlude a
  5. Unavoidable Things
  6. Helpless Child
  7. People
  8. Interlude b
  9. You Inside My Head
  10. Reprise, Prelude
  11. Wash Over Me

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