Attic Abasement - Dream News

Attic Abasement - Dream News

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Attic Abasement started in Rochester, NY in 2006 by Mike Rheinheimer. A low-rent, self-recorded, self-release recording project for a number of years which eventually evolved into a full band whose line-up has been relatively fluid – to date no less than 14 members over the years. The current line-up includes Keith Parkins (bass), Joe Parker (drums), and Mike (guitar and vocals).

Past releases include a series of home recorded/self-released CDs: Attic Abasement EP (2007), Swim Through the Dirt (2008), Dancing is Depressing (2010); a solo cassette EP: Don’t Hate Fuck (2010), and then a split LP (2014) with fellow Rochester band Nod on the prolific Rochester noise label Carbon Records.

In autumn 2015, Keith, Joe, and Mike went into Salvation Recording Co. in New Paltz to make a full length record with producer/engineer Chris Daly. Putting down 11 songs mixed by Chris and Mike and mastered by Jamal Ruhe at West West Side, Dream News is slated for release in Spring 2016 on Father/Daughter Records. Exploring themes including war, indulgence, suicide, messiahs, the dream, and governance/corruption, the songs draw from a wider pool of sonic influence for Attic Abasement while still maintaining cohesion and focus.

  1. Guarantee Jesus
  2. Statuesque Mess
  3. Own Your Enemies
  4. Show Up to Leave
  5. So Far
  6. Abigail Folger
  7. Inverted Youth
  8. A Way
  9. Endless & Perfect
  10. Neon Trim
  11. News Continues
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