Vivian Girls

Vivian Girls are a noise pop trio who formed in Brooklyn, NY in 2008. The band is comprised of guitarist/vocalist Cassie Ramone, bassist/vocalist Katy Goodman, and drummer/vocalist Ali Koehler. After their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album was released in the fall of 2008, the band embarked on multiple tours and built a devoted fanbase around the world. The trio released 2 more full-length albums (as well as a handful of 7"s) before breaking up 2014. In the spring of 2018, all 3 members found themselves living in Los Angeles and began rehearsing together again, keeping the practices a secret and enjoying the simple communion of playing together. While a reunion record titled Memory may conjure images of a band waxing nostalgic about the halcyon days of yore, Vivian Girls’ newest record is anything but a pleasant reminiscence. The latent darkness that always haunted their records is on full display upon their return. Vivian Girls are back and they haven’t forgotten what they went through.

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